I thought to myself, what better way to start off this spring with something brand new, something different, something refreshing, something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now.  I decided to finally start my blog.  Why ThrivingLilly?  Well, first off, lillies, in general represent purity and blossom in the spring season.  But did you know you know that lillies are quite symbolic at funerals in that they symbolize that the soul of the deceased has received innocence after they have died?

How ironic that something so pure, so delicate, so beautiful is used during a time of great sorrow, yet its power is able to push through enough and thrive in the presence of death and into the soul to make this transaction of renewed innocence.

I’m a single 40 something year old woman.  I’m a single mother.  I’m a professional.  And I’m someone, like many, who has had to live in the pit and find ways to climb out.  In many cases, I got out.  In other cases, I’m still finding my way.

This blog will discuss certain topics in my life that have birthed the person I am today, the person I used to be, and the person I want to be.  As delicate as I think I tend to be by nature, there’s also that part of me that continues to thrive and survive.

If you can relate, please visit my blog often.  And even if you can’t relate, visit it often to gain insight on something that may be worth reading.